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03. Apr 09

Knightley giggles through love scenes

London, March 27 (IANS) British actress Keira Knightley confessed that she giggled her way through the love scenes with co-star Dominic Cooper in her ... latest movie “The Duchess”. The 24-year o...

Raising a Girl in Today’s World

Recently, Connie aka Sassy Lawyer wrote about a program at her daughter’s school with words “Becoming Men of Value” printed on it.  This was dispensed to the graduates’ guests for their gra...

02. Apr 09

Use of Trasylol (aprotinin injection)

Use of Trasylol (aprotinin injection) in heart surgery.

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Aussies still in the box seat: Nielsen

Marcus_north3 Australia coach Tim Nielsen told Grandstand South Africa needs "everything to go their way" ... . Australia was earlier dismissed for 207 in its second innings and it had appeared th...

Wireless Broadband Plans

Which Mobile Broadband Plans?#What to know more about mobile broadband palns?#Compare Australian Mobile Broadband Plans and Providers#How do i choose a mobile broadband plans? The page can help#Austra...

23. Feb 09

This ad for a Samsung phone almost hits the point ...

This ad for a Samsung phone almost hits the point where it’s trying too hard. Then comes the hedgehog and it’s all worth it.


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